A manufacturer of industrial transport devices dedicated to loose materials RYBIŃSKI s.c. is a manufacturer of industrial conveying equipment for bulk materials.

We have been building our market position since 1986, gradually gaining recognition in major industries in Poland and abroad, with particular consideration given to the storage and processing of cereals, widely understood energy and eco-energy, chemistry and wood industry. We manufacture products with outstanding durability to meet the highest quality standards. We provide our customers with unique equipment that is built to operate in the toughest conditions for years on a trouble-free basis.

We specialise in the manufacture of:

  • Scraper conveyors (redlers) with capacities of up to 300 t/h as standard.
  • Bucket elevators with capacities of up to 220 t/h as standard and up to 400 t/h as custom solutions.
  • Belt conveyors
  • Separators, slide gates, fittings, etc.

Our offer includes equipment in standard, ATEX and liquid-proof design. We manufacture equipment in: acid resistant, galvanised, carbon and HARDOX steel.

All equipment is manufactured in our plant in Poland.

This ensures that we have constant and complete control over the quality of our equipment, which ensures quality, reliability and long-term trouble-free operation.

Support for the investor at every stage of investment and operation:

  • technical support at the design stage,
  • preparation of the complete design,
  • technical support during the assembly or assembly by the RYBIŃSKI team,
  • full warranty and post-warranty service with authorised teams,
  • unlimited access to replacement parts and spare parts.

In addition, as we are a manufacturer of conveying equipment, we cooperate with many companies in this sector which are the leaders in their fields. This allows us to design and build industrial grain storage facilities from scratch based on the galvanised steel silos.

The facilities we build are equipped with world-class silos produced by SYMAGA.



At every stage of our business activity, we place great emphasis on quality, environmental protection and OHS, which is confirmed by the following certificates:

PN-EN ISO 9001:2015
PN-EN ISO 14001:2015
PN-ISO 45001:2018-06

Energy efficiency:

We are constantly working toward reducing electricity consumption by replacing machines with new energy efficient ones, we use reactive power and energy-efficient LED lamps for illumination in our factory halls. In addition, all machines and equipment are subject to periodic inspections.

We source 80% of electricity requirements from renewable energy sources.

Waste management:

All components and materials are selected so as to minimise the generation of post-production waste. All the generated waste is transferred to specialist companies for recycling, reuse or disposal.

The main waste produced during the manufacturing process is: steel scrap, plastic waste, waste paper, used oils.